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The Sexual Abuse Case Against
Christopher (Chris) Simonds



       By Sue Smith

Christopher Simonds, a teacher at the Indian Mountain School gained the confidence of students by providing them special treatment and gradually grooming them to engage in sexual activities of with him and other students. The students were especially vulnerable because they were in middle school and early high school. Some of the victims were especially vulnerable because they were boarding students who were away from home for the first time.

Attorney Smith has been working with and for victims of sexual abuse for more than 25 years. She has represented victims in a number of public and private school cases, and currently has pending a case against The Indian Mountain School.

Despite the fact that the school officials and teachers knew that Simonds had an unusual relationship with young males whom they called "Simonds Boys", nothing was done to investigate or to take steps to protection the targeted students. 

Simonds was investigated by the Connecticut State Police in the 1990's but he could not be prosecuted because the statute of limitations for criminal charges had expired. (The civil statute of limitations is different). Thereafter, Simonds was dismissed by the School.

A number of cases were brought in the 1990's and in 2012-13. all of which have been resolved.

Victims who have not yet reached the age of 48 can bring claims against the Indian Mountain School.


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