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Attorney, Mediator and Victim Advocate
Avon, CT  06001

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About Attorney Susan K. Smith (Bio and Experience)

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Divorce Mediation and Collaboration:

Mediation & Collaboration in CT

A Connecticut Divorce Primer

Connecticut Divorce Resources

Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents

Talking to Children About Divorce

Child Support Guidelines (links to Section in the CT Divorce Primer)

College Education of Children  (links to Section in the CT Divorce Primer)

Remedies for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Civil Litigation for Sexual Abuse: First Steps

CT Statute of Limitation for Sexual Abuse of Minor Children

Saint Francis Hospital / Dr. George Reardon Sexual Abuse Litigation 

The Gunnery School / Robert "Rino" Rinehardt Sexual Abuse Litigation

Indian Mountain School / Christopher
Simons Sexual Abuse Litigation



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Susan K. Smith,
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Practice Areas:

Divorce Mediation and Collaboration

Victims of Sexual Abuse

Serious Personal Injury

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